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Commercial premises in Burmantofts and Richmond Hill Ward, Leeds

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Nearest Services


  • Ascot Off Licence
    Ascot Terrace, 23-25 LS9 9JB Leeds
  • Easy Road Off License
    Easy Road, 63 LS9 8QS Leeds
  • The Wine Shop
    Fewston Avenue, 2 LS9 0BE Leeds
  • York Road Wine Stores
    York Road, 202-202a LS9 9LN Leeds


  • Erfan
    Cromwell Street, 20 LS9 7SS Leeds
  • Gilchrist Bakery
    Harehills Lane, 377-379 LS9 6AP Leeds
  • Karpaty Bakery
    Torre Road LS9 7QL Leeds
  • Michaels Home Bakery
    Hudson Road, 6-8 LS9 6DJ Leeds
  • Slow Rise Bakery
    Berking Avenue LS9 9LF Leeds


  • Kings of Cycling
    York Road, 350


  • William Hill
    Cross Green Lane, 241 LS9 0BA Leeds
  • William Hill
    Lincoln Green Road, 80-82 LS9 7SU Leeds

Car shop

  • Lamborghini Leeds
    Pontefract Lane
  • McLaren
    Aire Valley Drive


  • Emmaus
    Saint Mary's Street LS9 7DP Leeds
  • St Vincents
    Lincoln Green Road, 88 LS9 7SU Leeds

Convenience shop

  • Best In Local
    Fraser Street, 3-5 LS9 7JE Leeds
  • Best-one
    York Road, 268-272 LS9 9DN Leeds
  • Costcutter
    Lincoln Green Road, 68 - 72
  • Deliux
    Easy Road, 80a LS9 0AB Leeds
  • G V Store
    East Park Drive, 22-24 LS9 9JH Leeds
  • Gateway Express
    East Street LS9 8DA Leeds
  • Go Local
    Harehills Lane, 422-424 LS9 6HU Leeds
  • Gozo Food
    York Road, 226 LS9 9BP Leeds
  • Harehills Mini Mart
    Harehills Lane, 511 LS9 6LQ Leeds
  • Ivy Grove Stores
    Ivy Grove, 28-30 LS9 9EZ Leeds
  • JBs Mini Market
    Haslewood Drive, 175-177 LS9 7RE Leeds
  • Kundola General Stores
    Pontefract Lane, 144 LS9 8QE Leeds
  • Lupton Stores
    Lupton Avenue, 141 LS9 6HQ Leeds
  • MENA Foods
    Lincoln Green Road, 68 - 72 LS9 7SU Leeds
  • Morrisons Daily
  • Nisshan Convenience Store
    Harehills Lane, 411-413 LS9 6AP Leeds
  • One Stop
    Temple View Grove LS9 9LH Leeds
  • Osmondthorpe Stores
    Osmondthorpe Lane, 1-2 Osmondthorpe Cottages LS9 9EQ Leeds
  • Rani Superstore
    Osmondthorpe Lane, 82-84 LS9 9EF Leeds

funeral directors

  • The Co-operative Funeralcare
    Crown Point Road



  • Lincoln Green Launderette
    Lincoln Green Road, 90 LS9 7SU Leeds

motorcycle shop

  • Dyrons
    York Road, 412 LS9 9EE Leeds


  • C And B News
    York Road, 220 LS9 9LN Leeds
  • D.News
    Harehills Lane, 448 LS9 6HJ Leeds
  • East Park News
    East Park Road, 3 LS9 9JD Leeds
  • Harehills News
    Harehills Lane, 420 LS9 6HU Leeds
  • Park Stores
    Richardson Road, 46 LS9 9BQ Leeds
  • Rookwood Stores
    York Road, 530 LS9 0HH Leeds
  • Saandal News
    Upper Accommodation Road, 19a LS9 8RZ Leeds
  • Thornleigh News
    Thornleigh Mount, 25-27 LS9 8QW Leeds
  • -
    Osmondthorpe Lane, 9 LS9 0LJ Leeds

paint shop

  • Seagulls
    Hudson Road, 10-12 LS9 6DJ Leeds

pet shop

  • Paws for Thought
    York Road


  • Asda
    Harehills Lane LS9 6DT Leeds
  • Freshways
    Lincoln Green Road, 75 LS9 7SR Leeds
  • Heron Foods
    Lincoln Green Road, 101 LS9 7SR Leeds
  • Karpaty Food Centre
    York Road, 385 LS9 6TA Leeds

trade shop

  • Marazzi UK
    Bridgewater Road


  • -
    Stoney Rock Lane LS9 7TZ Leeds

variety store

  • B&M Bargains
    Torre Lane LS9 6TN Leeds
  • Romart Superstores Ltd
    York Road
  • no-name