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Learning centers in Leeds, West Yorkshire

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  • Brigshaw 6th Form
    Farmers Path
  • Health Education England
    Duncombe Street LS1 4PL Leeds
  • Leeds Academy For Hairdressing and Barbering
    Kirkgate, 76
  • Leeds Arts University
    Blenheim Walk LS2 9AQ Leeds
  • Leeds City College
  • Leeds City College
    Hunslet Road
  • Leeds City College (Park Lane Campus)
    Park Lane LS3 1AA Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 386 1997
  • Leeds City College: Horsforth Campus
    Calverley Lane LS18 4RQ Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 3861997
  • Leeds City College: Joseph Priestley Centre Beeston
    Burton Avenue LS11 5ER Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 386 1997
  • Leeds City College: Thomas Danby
  • Leeds College of Building (none)
    North Street LS2 7QT Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2226000
  • Leeds College of Building (Hunslet Campus)
    Cudbear Street LS10 1HD Leeds
  • Leeds Conservatoire
    Quarry Hill, 3 LS2 7PD Leeds
  • National Martial Arts College
    Stanningley Road, 3
  • Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College
    St Mark's Avenue LS2 9BL Leeds
  • Park Lane College
    Burton Avenue LS11 5EA Leeds
  • SLP College
    Chapel Lane, 5 LS25 1AG Leeds
  • Swarthmore Adult Education Centre
    Woodhouse Square, 2-7 LS3 1AD Leeds
  • University Technical College Leeds (none)
    Victoria Street LS10 1LA Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 3530140
  • Yazz Hairdressing Academy - Yazz Number One Hair Studio
    Kirk Lane LS19 7EP Yeadon
    Phone: +44 113 239 7104
  • - - Leeds City College
    Back Clipston Avenue
  • -
    Seacroft Avenue, 1 LS14 6JD Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 386 1997

driving school

  • Leeds School of Motorcycling
    Kidacre Park
  • -


  • 22 Street Lane Nursery
    Street Lane, 22 LS8 2ET Leeds
  • 79281 Childcare
    Stonegate Road, 81 LS6 4HZ Leeds
  • ABC Daycare And Ozone
    Vicars Terrace WF10 2DJ
  • ABC Nursery
    Elland Road LS11 0ES Leeds
  • Acorns In Adel
    Otley Road, 469 LS16 7NR Leeds
  • Acre Wood Nursery
    Westfield Court, 1 LS12 4PX Leeds
  • Active Kids
    Moorfield Road LS19 7BN Leeds
  • All Stars Child Care
    Coal Hill Lane, 1 LS28 5NA Leeds
  • Angels Day Nursery
    Stainbeck Road LS7 2PP Leeds
  • Best Family Childcare
    Chapeltown Road, 138 LS7 4EE Leeds
  • Bright Beginnings Childcare Centre
    Mount Preston Street LS2 9NQ
  • Bright Horizons - fee
    Kirkstall Road, 338-340 LS4 2DS Leeds
  • Bright Horizons
    Tongue Lane LS6 4QW Leeds
  • Bright Horizons - fee
    Wakefield Road, 40 LS10 3TP Leeds
  • Bright Skies Nursery
    New Road Side, 40 LS19 6HN Leeds
  • Brightsparks Pre School
    Preston Lane LS26 8AR Leeds
  • Brook Babes
    Westwood Way LS23 6DX Leeds
  • Brook Babes Little Learners
    Deighton Road LS22 7LL
  • Brook Babes Streamside Cottage
    New Road, 6 LS23 6QS
  • Brownberrie Lane Preschool
    Brownberrie Lane LS18 5SB Horsforth
  • Bumbles Day Nursery
    Leeds and Bradford Road LS28 6LJ Leeds
  • Burley Park Children Centre
    St Mathias Street LS4 2DZ Leeds
  • Burmantofts Community Nursery
    Rigton Drive LS9 7PY Leeds
  • Busy Bees
    Harewood Road LS17 9HL
  • Busy Bees
    Drummond Avenue
  • Busy Bees
    Grove Road, 28 LS6 4EE Leeds
  • Busy Bees
    Lowtown, 85a LS28 9AZ
  • Busy Bees
    Otley Road, 201 LS16 5JY Leeds
  • Busy Bees Farsley
    Priesthorpe Road LS28 5JR
  • Busy Bees Nurseries
    Park Road, 15 LS20 8AR Leeds
  • Busy Bees Nursery
    Littlemoor Road LS28 8AL Leeds
  • Buttercups
    Westgate Arcade, 2 LS21 3AT Otley
  • Butterflys Day Nursery
    Melbourne Street LS27 8BG Leeds
  • Carr Manor Childrens Centre
    Carr Manor Road LS17 5DJ Leeds
  • Castleton Children's Centre
    Eighth Avenue
  • Chapel Allerton Childrens Centre
    Blake Grove, 16 LS7 3LT Leeds
  • Chapeltown Community Nursery
    Reginald Street LS7 3HL Leeds
  • Cherry Tree Montessori Nursery
    Linton Lane LS22 4HL Leeds
  • Cherubs Kindergarten
    Cragg Hill, 18 LS18 4NU Leeds
  • Childrens Corner
    Coal Hill Drive LS13 1DD Leeds
  • Childrens Corner Day Nursery
    Headingley Lane, 72 LS6 2DJ Leeds
  • Childrens Corner Farsley
    Wesley Street LS28 5LE Leeds
  • Childrens Corner Group Nursery
    Canal Wharf, 6 LS11 5PS Leeds
  • Childrens Corner Moorlands
    Foxhill Drive LS16 5PF Leeds
  • Churwell Day Nursery
    High Street LS27 0BY Leeds
  • Clarendon Nursery
    Belmont Grove, 7 LS2 9NS Leeds
  • Cliffe House Day Nursery
    Brownberrie Lane LS18 5HD Leeds
  • Copper Beech Day Nursery
    Broad Lane, 137 LS13 2JJ Leeds
  • Cottonbudz
    Oaklands Road, 54a LS13 1LQ Leeds
  • Daisy Chain Childcare
    High Ridge Park LS26 0NL Leeds
  • Daisy Chain Day Nursery
    Long Thorpe Lane WF3 3PS Wakefield
  • Daisy Chain Nursery
    Tile Lane, 2 LS16 8DY
    Phone: +44 113 285 7000
  • Daisy Chain Pre-School
    Acre Road LS10 4DE Leeds
  • Domi Domingo Day Nursery
    Bankfield Road LS4 2JT Leeds
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church Pre School
    Church Road LS18 5LQ Leeds
  • Emmas Angels preschool/Nursery
    Town Street LS19 6PP Rawdon
    Phone: +44 113 250 6611
  • First Nursery
    Meanwood Road, 281 LS7 2JD Leeds
  • First Steps Nursery
    New Road Side, 173-179 LS18 4DR Leeds
  • First Steps Pre School
    Breary Rise LS16 9AL Leeds
  • Flowerpots Day Nursery
    Dewsbury Road, 192 LS11 6ER Leeds
  • Garforth Day Nursery
    Beaconsfield Court, 4 LS25 1QH Leeds
  • Guiseley Childrens Day Nursery
    Otley Road LS20 8BL Leeds
  • Guiseley Childrens Day Nursery
    Otley Road
  • Harehills Children Centre
    Cowper Terrace LS9 7BA Leeds
  • Headingley Pre-School
    Wood Lane LS6 2DT Leeds
  • Heaton Lodge Nursery
    Walker's Lane LS12 4AF Leeds
  • High Flyers
    South View Road LS19 7BF Leeds
  • High Trees Nursery
    Cinder Lane LS23 6HH
  • Holly House Private Day Nursery
    Wensley Drive, 62 LS7 3QW Leeds
  • Hunslet Childrens Centre
    Whitfield Avenue LS10 2QE Leeds
  • Inspirations Nurseries And Forest School Ltd
    West End Lane LS18 5JP Leeds
  • Inspirations Nursery
    Long Causeway LS16 8EX Leeds
  • Ireland Wood Childrens Centre
    Raynel Gardens LS16 6BW Leeds
  • Jelly Tots Private Day Nursery
    Wakefield Road, 28 BD11 1DL Bradford
    Phone: +44 113 285 3085
  • Jimbos Community Nursery
    Vinery Terrace, 20 LS9 9LU Leeds
  • Jolly Giraffes Day Nursery
    Station Lane, 16 LS26 8RA Leeds
  • Jumping Jacks Day Nursery
    Oakwood Lane, 408 LS8 3LG Leeds
  • Kaleidoscope Day Nurseries
    Batley Road WF3 1HD Wakefield
  • Kaleidoscope Day Nursery
    Finkle Lane, 22 LS27 7EL Leeds
  • Kaleidoscope Day Nursery
    Town Street LS27 7AB Leeds
  • Kaleidoscope Day Nusery
    Hodgson Lane BD11 1BJ Bradford
  • Kids Academy
    West Park Drive LS16 5AS Leeds
  • Kids Academy Day Nursery
    Holtdale Approach LS16 7RX Leeds
  • Kinder Haven
    Waterloo Road, 14a LS28 7PW Leeds
  • La Coccinelle
    Killingbeck Drive LS14 6UF Leeds
  • La Coccinelle Nurseries
    Armley Court, 4 LS12 2LB Leeds
  • Ladybirds Just Childcare
    Church Side LS26 9BJ Leeds
  • Leeds Montessori Pre-School And Nursery
    Wetherby Road LS8 2LE Leeds
  • Lesley's Private Day Nursery
    York Road LS15 4TA Leeds
  • Lesley's Private Day Nursery
    York Road LS15 4TA Leeds
  • Little Acorns
    Wood Lane, 135 LS26 0PH Leeds
  • Little Buttons Nursery
    Elland Road LS27 7QR Leeds
  • Little Clovers Nursery
    Brown Lane West, 18
  • Little London Children Centre
    Meanwood Road, 169a LS7 1SR Leeds
  • Little Owls Nursery
    Thorn Walk LS8 3LZ Leeds
  • Little People
    McLaren Fields LS13 3SN Leeds
  • Little People
    Cranmer Rise LS17 5HX Leeds
  • Little People Nursery
    Bradford Road, 66 LS28 6DX
  • Little People Nursery
    Cote Lane LS28 5ED Leeds
  • Little Rascals Day Nursery
    Station Road LS15 7JY Leeds


  • Abbey Grange
    Butcher Hill LS16 5EA Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 275 7877
    Email: info@abbeygrangeacademy.co.uk
  • Aberford Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School (christian - anglican)
    Main Street LS25 3BU Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2813302
  • Adel Primary School (none)
    Tile Lane LS16 8DY Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2301116
  • All Saints C of E Primary School
    Cross Aysgarth Mount LS9 9AD Leeds
  • Allerton Bywater Primary School (none)
    Leeds Road WF10 2DR
    Phone: +44 1977 522620
  • Allerton Church of England Primary School (christian - anglican)
    Lingfield Approach LS17 7HL Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2930699
  • Allerton Grange School
    Talbot Avenue LS17 6SF Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 3930304
    Email: agadmin@allertongrange.com
  • Allerton High School
    King Lane LS17 7AG Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2034770
    Email: info@allertonhigh.org.uk
  • Alwoodley Primary School (none)
    Cranmer Rise LS17 5HX
    Phone: +44 113 2686104
  • Armley Park Primary School
    Salisbury Terrace LS12 2AY Leeds
  • Ashfield Primary School (none)
    Weston Lane LS21 2DF
    Phone: +44 1943 463341
  • Asquith Primary School
    Horsfall Street LS27 9QY Leeds
  • Austhorpe Primary School (none)
    Austhorpe Lane LS15 8TP Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2640450
  • Bankside Primary School
    Markham Avenue LS8 4LE Leeds
  • Bardsey Primary School (none)
    Woodacre Lane LS17 9DG Leeds
    Phone: +44 1937 572612
  • Barwick-in-Elmet C of E Primary School (christian - anglican)
    Chapel Lane LS15 4HL Leeds
  • Beechwood Primary School (none)
    Kentmere Avenue LS14 6QB
    Phone: +44 113 2930250
  • Beecroft Primary School
    Eden Way LS4 2TF Leeds
  • Beeston Hill St. Luke's Church of England School
    Beeston Road LS11 8ND Leeds
  • Beeston Primary School (none)
    Town Street LS11 8PN Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2716978
  • Benton Park School LS19 6LX
    Phone: +44 113 2502330
    Email: secretary@bentonpark.net
  • Benton Park School
    Phone: +44 1132502330
    Email: secretary@bentonpark.net
  • Bewerley Community School
    Bismarck Drive LS11 6TB Leeds
  • Birchfield Primary School
    Birchfield Avenue LS27 7HU Leeds
  • Blackgates Primary Academy
    Smithy Lane WF3 1QQ Wakefield
  • Blenheim Primary School
    Lofthouse Place LS2 9EX
  • Boston Spa Academy (none)
    Clifford Moor Road LS23 6RW
    Phone: +44 1937 846636
    Email: info@bostonspa.leeds.sch.uk
  • Bracken Edge Primary School
    Newton Garth LS7 4HG Leeds
  • Bramham Primary School
    Clifford Road LS23 6JQ
  • Bramhope Primary School
    Tredgold Crescent LS16 9BR
  • Bramley Park Academy
    Fairfield Hill LS13 3DP Leeds
  • Bramley St Peter's Church of England Primary School (christian - anglican)
    Hough Lane LS13 3NE Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2559680
  • Brigshaw High School (none)
    Brigshaw Lane WF10 2HR Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2878900
    Email: office@brigshaw.com
  • Broadgate Primary School
    North Broadgate Lane LS18 5AF Leeds
  • Brodetsky Primary School
    Wentworth Avenue LS17 7TN Leeds
  • Broomfield (The South Leeds Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre) LS10 3JP
  • Brudenell Primary School
    Welton Place LS6 1EW Leeds
  • Bruntcliffe Academy
    Bruntcliffe Lane LS27 0LZ Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2523 225
    Email: info@bruntcliffe.leeds.sch.uk
  • Burley St Matthias Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School (christian - anglican)
    Burley Road LS4 2HY Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 3367401
  • Calverley C E Primary School
    Town Gate LS28 5NF
  • Calverley Parkside Primary School
    Victoria Street LS28 5PQ
  • Campus Queenswood Education Centre
    Foxcroft Close LS6 3NT Leeds
  • Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School (christian - catholic)
    Tongue Lane LS6 4QE
    Phone: +44 151 235 1430
    Email: admin@cardinal-heenan.org.uk
  • Carlton Primary School
    New Road WF3 3RE Leeds
  • Carr Manor Community School
    Carr Manor Road LS17 5DJ Leeds
    Phone: Primary: +44 113 3368401;Secondary +44 113 3368400
    Email: info@carrmanor.org.uk
  • Carr Manor Primary School
    Carr Manor Road LS17 5DJ Leeds
  • Castleton Primary School (none) LS12 1JZ
    Phone: +44 113 2637756
  • Chapel Allerton Primary School
    Harrogate Road, 21 LS7 3PD Leeds
  • Christ Church Upper Armley Church of England Primary School
    Christ Church Parade LS12 3NU
  • Christ The King Catholic Primary School (christian - roman_catholic) LS13 2DX
    Phone: +44 113 2579230
  • Churwell Primary School
    Westwood Side LS27 9HR Leeds
  • Clapgate Primary School
    Cranmore Drive LS10 4AW Leeds
  • Co-Op Academy Beckfield
    Tyersal Walk BD4 8ER Bradford
    Phone: +44 1274 662363
  • Co-op Academy Brownhill (none)
    Torre Drive LS9 7DH Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2489539
  • Co-op Academy Leeds (none) LS9 7HD
    Phone: +44 113 3807940
    Email: leeds@coopacademies.co.uk
  • Co-op Academy Nightingale
    Ashley Terrace LS9 7AX
  • Co-op Academy Woodlands (none)
    Foundry Place LS9 6DA Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2407382
  • Co-Operative Academy Priesthorpe
    Priesthorpe Lane LS28 5SG Pudsey
    Phone: +44 113 257 4115
    Email: info@cooppriesthorpe.co.uk
  • Cobden Primary School & Nursery
    Cobden Road LS12 5LA Leeds
  • Cockburn Haigh Road Academy (none)
    Haigh Road LS26 0NQ Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 5128746
  • Cockburn John Charles Academy LS10 2JU
    Phone: +44 113 487 2800
    Email: info@cockburnjohncharles.org
  • Cockburn School (none)
    Gipsy Lane LS11 5TT Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2719962
  • Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings CE (Aided) Primary School
    Linton Road LS22 5BS
  • Colton Primary School
    School Lane LS15 9AL Leeds
  • Cookridge Primary School (none)
    Tinshill Drive LS16 7DH Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 3862500
  • Corpus Christi Catholic College (christian - roman_catholic)
    Neville Road LS9 0TT Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2009010
    Email: info@corpusleeds.org
  • Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School (christian - roman_catholic)
    Halton Moor Avenue LS9 0HA Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2483095
  • Cottingley Children's Centre
  • Cottingley Primary School
    Dulverton Grove LS11 0HU Leeds
  • Crawshaw Academy
    Robin Lane LS28 9HU
    Phone: +44 113 532 3810
    Email: info@ca.rklt.co.uk
  • Cross Flatts Park Primary School
    Harlech Road LS11 7DG Leeds
  • Cross Gates Primary School (none)
    Poole Crescent LS15 7NB Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2645763
  • Crossley Street Primary School
    Crossley Street LS22 6RT
  • David Young Community Academy
    Bishops Way LS14 6NU Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 273 9100
    Email: info@bishopyoungacademy.co.uk
  • Deighton Gates Primary School LS22 7XL
  • Dixons Trinity Academy
  • Dixons Unity Academy - Dixons Academies Trust (none)
    Whingate Road LS12 3DS Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 263 0110
    Email: info@dixonsua.com
  • Drighlington Primary School
    Moorland Road BD11 1JY Bradford
  • East Ardsley Primary Academy (none)
    Main Street WF3 2BA Wakefield
    Phone: +44 113 3862510
  • East Garforth Primary School
    Aberford Road LS25 2HF Leeds
  • Eastmoor Secure Unit
  • Ebor Gardens Primary Academy LS9 7PY
  • Eden Park Academy
    Barkly Road LS11 7EN Leeds
  • Elements Primary School - Wellspring Academy Trust
    Acre Mount LS10 4WR Leeds
    Phone: +44 133 532 7089
    Email: office@elementsprimaryschool.co.uk
  • Elmets School
  • Farsley Farfield Primary School
    Cote Lane LS28 5ED
  • Farsley Springbank Primary
    Wesley Street LS28 5LE Leeds
  • Featherbank Primary School
    Featherbank Avenue LS18 4QR Leeds
  • Fieldhead Carr Primary School
    Naburn Approach LS14 2EG Leeds
  • Fives Lanes Primary School
    Stradbroke Way LS12 4NB Leeds
  • Fountain Primary School (none)
    Fountain Street LS27 0AW Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 8878235
  • Froebelian School
    Clarence Road LS18 4LB Horsforth
    Phone: +44 113 2583047
  • Fulneck School
    Fulneck LS28 8DS Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 257 0235
    Email: enquiries@fulneckschool.co.uk
  • Garforth Academy
    Lidgett Lane LS25 1LJ Leeds
    Phone: +44 1132127127
    Email: info@garforthacademy.org.uk
  • Gateways School
    Harewood Avenue LS17 9LE Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 288 6345
    Email: gateways@gatewaysschool.co.uk
    "For Girls aged 2-18, Boys aged 2-7"
  • Gildersome Primary School
    Town Street LS27 7AB Leeds
  • Gledhow Primary School
    Lidgett Lane LS8 1PL Leeds
  • Grange Farm Primary School
    Barncroft Rise LS14 1AX
  • Great Preston VC CofE Primary School (christian - anglican)
    Preston Lane LS26 8AR Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2320034
  • Green Lane Primary Academy (none)
    Severn Drive LS25 2JX Leeds
    Phone: +44 113 2127107


  • Carnegie Pavilion
    Kirkstall Lane
  • Energy Building
    Cemetery Road
  • Kirkstall Brewery Residences
    Broad Lane LS5 3EE Leeds
  • Leeds Arts University
    Vernon Street LS2 8PH Leeds
  • Leeds Beckett University
    Richmond Avenue
  • Leeds Beckett University, Broadcasting Place
    Woodhouse Lane
  • Leeds Beckett University, City Campus
    Portland Way
  • Leeds Beckett University, Headingley Campus
  • Leeds Law School - Leeds Beckett University
    Quebec Street, 10 LS1 2HA Leeds
  • Leeds Trinity University - University
    Phone: +44 113 283 7100
    Email: hello@leedstrinity.ac.uk
  • Northern Film School
    Cookridge Street, 41
  • Reception/Helpzone
  • School of Computing
  • School of Philosphy
    Woodland Lane, 64 LS7 4PD Leeds
  • University of Leeds
    University Square
  • University of Leeds (West Campus) - University of Leeds